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Zero to Developer — 14DayProduct Challenge

Gumroad kicked off the 14 Day Product Challenge on Oct. 26th. And today (Nov. 3rd) I finished writing the first draft of my E-book: “Zero to Developer” a 62 page Ebook that takes you from not knowing anything about how the internet works to landing your first job as a Jr. Developer.

Why Zero to Developer?

I am one of those programmers who is entirely self taught. I learned html, css and javascript the night before the interview that landed me my first job in the development world. Learning Html changed my life! That job has led to an incredible career. But with all of the resources coming out now on Medium, Hacker News, Reddit, StackOverflow, Quora, etc. The path to actually learning the skills you need and knowing that those skills are has become unclear.

I genuinely believe that ANYONE can learn how to code.

I believe that software development is an amazing career and it’s a career that anyone can begin if they know what to learn. You can go to college and get a Computer Science degree, or you can join a bootcamp to learn the skills you need but if you’d rather, you can learn entirely on your own.

I wrote this book to give clarity and guidance for those who are interested in programming but don’t know where to start. They may have looked into learning the skills they need and may have been overwhelmed. Zero to Developer was written to guide those people every step of the way.

It starts at the very beginning from what tools do you need, through the skills you have to learn. Finally it addresses how to position yourself with projects, a LinkedIn and a Resume to ensure that you get called in for interviews and end up landing your first job.

Table of contents from Zero to Developer!

I’m launching this E-Book on November 9th! If you’re interested you can download a free chapter from:

Or you can get a discount on the book during presales!



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Andy Hartnett

Andy Hartnett

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