You Lose Some, You Lose Some

And it’s quite alright, just trust me.

Today, I picked up the cover for my hot tub. Being clueless in the hot tub ownership department I had been using a cover that was useless. This, of course, I didn’t discover until after I had a service guy come out and check the heater. Once I learned that the cover was the problem, I promptly ordered one that would meet the requirements necessary to actually keep the water warm. When I picked up the cover I was excited to finally be able to hot tub again. But when I attempted to fill the hot tub, water began to leak and splash across my patio.


Oh well, you lose some, you lose some.

I read somewhere that you should try to go a whole day without complaining and to see how that would change your life. I doubt I have ever actually made it an entire day. But now I try to be aware of the stories I am telling myself, and the stories I am telling others. Having been guilty of complaining about inconsequential things in the past, I can tell you it feels a lot better at the end of the day to remain positive.

If we imagine our lives as a story we are telling, then our actions determine our character in our world’s narrative. I for one would rather be the protagonist than the victim. Hell, I’d rather be the antagonist than the victim. When we complain, what we are doing is victimizing ourselves. By complaining we are seeking out sympathy and attention. Unfortunately, this attention is often granted by our peers but I can guarantee you that no one enjoys dealing with your complaints.

Now I get that life can, at times, be a complete dumpster fire. You can wake up with a flat tire, be late to work, miss a meeting, and get fired. The sudden loss of your secure job leads you to drink. So you head out to the state liquor store only to discover that the liquor store is already closed. Unfortunate circumstances befall on us all, and that is out of our control. What is under our control is how we respond to the events that occur to us.

We all enjoy the presence of positive people. Positive people have shitty days too. The difference is, positive people don’t take the bad and let it consume them. They accept what has happened, and proceed onward with their lives. Another quote I’ve heard somewhere along the way:

“Did you really have a bad day, or did you just have a bad 5 minutes?”

The saying I repeat to myself, and sometimes out loud, when something just sucks:

“Worse things have happened to better people.”

I think back on things I have complained about over the years and I feel embarrassed. I know I shared those feelings because I thought I needed to. I thought my feelings of anger or hurt deserved to be let out. Little did I know then that people have more respect for the stoic than the emotional. Everyone experiences annoyances, but people would rather laugh with you than cry with you.

Programmer — Writer. @andyhartnett12

Programmer — Writer. @andyhartnett12