Photo by Artem Sapegin

Programming Isn’t Hard!

The internet would have you believe differently. The level of complexity in building products these days is baffling.

What once was an HTML page with a simple database has been replaced with statically served SPAs stored on S3.

What used to be a PHP script that saved data to a SQL database has been replaced with serverless lambda functions spun up with AWS Amplify.

It would seem that a software developer starting today would need a full blown certificate in AWS or Azure to build a todo list.

And when you have built something, the gate keepers of the programming world will tell you there is a “better” way to build it.

And I’m tired of gatekeeping.

I believe that products should be built to serve a purpose before all else, and I believe that ANYONE can learn to build those products if they just get started and ignore all of the naysayers.

I want to help those just getting started. I want to help creators CREATE without worrying about the complexity. Let’s help each other along towards building great products that serve a purpose, and let’s start by tearing down the gates preventing people from building.

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