My Life Resume — Or, the least professional resume you have ever read.

Too often we focus on our professional accomplishments that we forget about what we’ve accomplished in our day to day lives. This isn’t meant to be a brag, instead it is an experiment in recognizing successes outside of the workplace. In a way, I think this resume speaks more about who I am than my professional one.

RESUME — Andrew Hartnett — (1990-Present)


  • I can backflip on a trampoline
  • In sixth grade I memorized 6 of my favorite poems (and I still remember them)
  • I formed a band with some friends in college
  • I can say “where is the bathroom” in Thai: “hông náam yùu nǎi
  • I can whistle pretty well


  • Learned how to remodel/work on houses from my father.
  • Adopted a 6 week old puppy, trained her, and now she’s family
  • I left the wrong girl so I could make way for the right one.
  • I can drive a stick shift.
  • I paid a bribe in Vietnam


  • I taught myself how to solve a Rubix Cube using online sources
  • I’ve read 14 books this year (mostly fiction)
  • I’m pretty good at googling things


My family, my friends, and my dog.



Programmer — Writer. @andyhartnett12

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