We managed to figure out the public transit system just enough to make it down to Kyoto. Took a few hours but we excited to get there and to check out other things in Japan besides the skiing.

Upon arrival we managed to find a hostel in a decent location near the shopping center. We wandered around and ate sushi. This restaurant was different from any other sushi I had ever tried. The food came around on a conveyer belt and you just picked up the rolls you wanted to eat.

After checking out a few shops, an arcade and a casino we made our way back to the hostel. We had noticed that the town was quiet but we weren’t prepared for this bizarre experience. No one was talking. They weren’t making any noise. There was a group of people hanging out in the common area but no one was speaking to anyone. After awhile it got weird and kinda creepy. Overall Japan is a quiet place, but this was just a downright strange experience, and simply not one I’d really like to repeat.

The following day we rented bikes and rode to a few temples. The coolest one was a hike up a mountain through these wild orange gates through a thick bamboo forest. Afterwards we made our way out of town and got on the train to Tokyo. We even managed to get a view of Mt. Fuji on our way.

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