Japan brought everything we were looking for when it comes to skiing. Every day we have been getting fresh powder turns all day. The visibility had been limited most of the time but the snow is pretty much endless.

The last few days we have hit several resorts: Goryu, Hakuba 47, Happo One, Cortina, Norikuru, and Tsugake. All of which are close to town… well except Cortina, which we had to trek to: basically we had to ski/hike into town (Happo) to catch a bus at 7:20 am. The bus was loaded full and took 45 plus minutes to get to the resort. But the trek was worth it when snow was blowing over our heads for hours.

Today, we really tried to have a bad day. We didn’t bring poles, Jarid forgot his gloves, and we slept in. But still, today was absolutely incredible. Our first run, we jumped off the chair into a sea of powder through trees. (Yes, we jumped the off the lift, we were getting weird). We then skied pillow lines all day long off the ridge. One highlight of today was Jarid exchanging his beanie for a hat if one of the locals.

We are done skiing for the trip, so we will start being more touristy. Monkeys, temples, and such are in our near future. Only have a few more days left, so we will be making the most of them.

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