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20 -> almost 30

I turn 30 tomorrow and I wanted to write something down. I didn’t know what I had to say, but I started writing anyway… this is what I came up with.

What I’d like to start with is that you often hear that “time goes by so fast” and one would think on the brink of the next decade I’d be asking myself “where did the time go?” But I’m not. As I think about it, this last decade has been incredibly long. I think of some incredible moments I’ve had during this time and some of the amazing memories…

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I absolutely love writing with medium’s editor. That’s why I’m more likely to write a post here than on

So in order to break down barriers for myself in writing more often, I decided to build my own editor. There are other repo’s out there that are similar, but I wanted to build this for myself. (I enjoy building stuff)

I built this with Vue because it’s my favorite JS framework. I was able to prototype and ship an MVP of this in just over an hour. When I have ideas and want to prototype, I just vue create…

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At 21 years old I made the decision to switch my major from Business to English Teaching. I loved writing, found joy in those classes, and frankly if I heard about widgets one more time in ECON 101 I was going to jump out of a window. Thus began my journey into teaching.

I always admired my teachers. Well, not all of them. But there were a few who were bonafide heroes to me. And those heroes taught creative writing.

Those heroes taught creative writing

My grandparents were both teachers. My grandfather was a basketball coach, and I played basketball…

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Cover for “Zero to Developer”

Gumroad kicked off the 14 Day Product Challenge on Oct. 26th. And today (Nov. 3rd) I finished writing the first draft of my E-book: “Zero to Developer” a 62 page Ebook that takes you from not knowing anything about how the internet works to landing your first job as a Jr. Developer.

Why Zero to Developer?

I am one of those programmers who is entirely self taught. I learned html, css and javascript the night before the interview that landed me my first job in the development world. Learning Html changed my life! That job has led to an incredible career. But with all…

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Photo by Artem Sapegin

The internet would have you believe differently. The level of complexity in building products these days is baffling.

What once was an HTML page with a simple database has been replaced with statically served SPAs stored on S3.

What used to be a PHP script that saved data to a SQL database has been replaced with serverless lambda functions spun up with AWS Amplify.

It would seem that a software developer starting today would need a full blown certificate in AWS or Azure to build a todo list.

And when you have built something, the gate keepers of the programming…

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When I starting going to college, I knew I needed a job. Operating under the guise that I would find a job as a janitor, or at the university store, I went down to the job fair on the first weekend of school. There were plenty of booths for different shops on canvas but there was one booth that stood out.

Spectral Fusion Designs

It was a company that worked under the university, building websites for the College of Arts & Sciences. And I knew right then, THAT, was the job I wanted while I was in school. I picked up an application…

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Get coding!

When I have an idea that strikes, I want to start building as fast as possible. I use the MEVN stack (Mongo, Express, Vue, Node) when I want to standup a project quickly. Here is how I setup these projects in 5 minutes or less.

Open the terminal

Navigate to wherever you store your projects

mkdir myproject
cd myproject
mkdir server
touch server/app.js
vue create client

This sets up the entire scaffold that you need for “server/client”

Next setup the server

Initialize the node project

cd server
npm init

Install the dependencies

npm install express cors

And open up the server directory in your favorite editor:


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Do something once really well, so you don’t have to do it again.

“Solve problems once and never think about them again.“

— Words I wish I heard when I started programming.


This concept is easier to visualize than it is to read about. So let me break it down for a simple problem. Let’s say you want to open a popup of a website using javascript. The code for this is:,'_blank','height=570,width=520,scrollbars=yes,status=yes')

Who remembers that all of those parameters are a comma delimited string? Not I, said me. Personally I’m lazy. I never want to google “how do I…

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Can a programmer cheat the game of Blackjack? I couldn’t.

Or — How programming didn’t make me rich

I firmly believe in being the right kind of lazy. And such was the case when I embarked on my most recent project.

“Programming is the pursuit of laziness” — Some Wise Developer

The Idea

Blackjack is a fun pastime I like to indulge in when in locations that allows me to do so. Like most people who have gambled, I have had that fantasy of really going on a roll one night and walking away a rich man.

So I got to thinking, can I game the system? If I wrote some code…

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VueJs and Firebase together is incredibly simple.

As a developer I am constantly learning. One of the latest things I’ve been reading about is firebase, and I am impressed! The possibilities are endless, but real-time data apps have never been easier. So follow along, and you’ll see that you can build a chat app with Vue and Firebase in just minutes. (No knowledge of Node, Sockets, etc required.)

The Essentials

Have Node installed.
Install Vue CLI.

Initialize Vue

In your terminal wherever you want to create this project, do the following:

vue create firebase-chat

Then you will be presented with some options. Make sure you leave Babel selected, the other options…

Andy Hartnett

Programmer — Writer. @andyhartnett12

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